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Show Schedule

Weekdays: 12AM-6AM
Well, night’s rolled in, but the country spirit’s still burnin’ bright, y’all! As the moonlight casts its glow, we’ve got the likes of Hank Williams, Jr. with his soulful tunes, Willie Nelson’s iconic strums, and the classic vibes of Alan Jackson to keep you company. Here in Big Spring, TX, we believe that the night’s when real country shines the brightest. So, whether you’re reminiscing or just taking a moment for yourself, let these legends serenade you into the early hours.  
Hey y’all! As the sun rides high, it’s time for a midday country fix with the legends we adore. Kick back with Kenny Chesney’s smooth vibes, get inspired by Garth Brooks’ anthems, and sway to the timeless voice of our queen, Reba McEntire. Here in Big Spring, TX, we’re bringing you a classic country banquet to feed your soul. So, whether you’re taking a break or hustlin’ through, let these iconic melodies set the tone for a fabulous afternoon!
As the stars come out in Howard County, we’re turnin’ up the classic country feels. Let Tim McGraw’s passion, George Strait’s enduring classics, and Dolly Parton’s enchanting tales be the backdrop to your evening. Right here in Big Spring, TX, when the sun goes down, our country legends shine even brighter. Tune in, sing along, and let’s end the day on a true country note.
While Big Spring, TX sleeps, country legends come alive. Tune in to the heart-stirring harmonies of Brooks and Dunn, Travis Tritt’s iconic ballads, and the timeless duets of The Judds. Whether you’re winding down or just starting your day, let these country masters take you on a nostalgic ride.
Fill your Saturday with tunes that touch the soul. From the sunlit melodies of Charley Pride to the foot-stomping hits of Merle Haggard, we’ve got your perfect country backdrop. And as the sun starts its descent, Tammy Wynette’s poignant voice set the mood. Here in Big Spring, TX, every song’s a journey from sunrise to sunset.
The quiet hours of Sunday mornings are made for classic country. Let the iconic voices of Vince Gill, the stirring ballads of Martina McBride, and Glen Campbell’s evergreen anthems be your companions. As the rest of Big Spring, TX awakens, you’ll be immersed in country’s finest.
From high noon till twilight, immerse yourself in pure country vibes. Revel in George Jones’ powerful ballads, bask in the glow of Barbara Mandrell’s hits, and sway to John Denver’s harmonious tunes. As the evening sets in, lose yourself in the rhythm of The Oak Ridge Boys and the timeless tales spun by Ronnie Milsap. It’s a Sunday soundtrack you won’t forge.
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