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Thank You For Your Investment: Higginbotham Brothers

On Tuesday morning, the Big Spring Area Chamber of Commerce hosted a “Thank You for Your Investment” presentation for Higginbotham Brothers at 1900 E. FM 700, acknowledging their contributions to the community.

Loyd Mashburn, Location Manager for Higginbotham Brothers in Big Spring, expressed his gratitude for the Chamber.

“I think the volunteers working with the Chamber of Commerce do an excellent job supporting our community and organizing fun and engaging activities. It’s important to highlight the local businesses in our area, and the Chamber excels at that. The Thank You presentation is a great way to show appreciation,” said Mashburn.

Higginbotham Brothers, established in 1881, has been serving Big Spring since the 1920s. The store was originally located on 2nd Street before moving to its current location on FM 700.

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